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Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 18, 2012
To date this month, fishing has been decent. Goran Klementsson of Sweden fished with us for 5 days from January 8 - 13. He jumped 20 tarpon, boating 6 ranging from 100 to 170 lbs. He caught 65 Jack Crevelle, and one nice 40 lb. Cubera Snapper. Hendrick and Henry Swanepoel from South Africa fished one day and jumped 6 tarpon, boating 1 that weighed over 120 lbs. They also caught 6 Jack Crevelle. Kent Henderson of MinneMucca, NJ in one day jumped and boated one 140 lb. tarpon and caught 6 Jack Crevelle. Bob and Joyce Wachsmuth of Eau Claire, WI fished 2 1/2 days and jumped 21 tarpon, boating a nice 150 pounder. They also caught Jack Crevelle and 1 Barracuda. Tim & Heather LeRoy of Australia fished 3 days and jumped 19 tarpon, boating one that weighed 120 lbs. They too caught Jack Crevelles. The weather has been sunny with a few brief showers.

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