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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 26, 2013
Repeat guest Jim Dubrey of Billings, MT brought his new stepson Ricardo who is a 16 yr. old Costa Rican, on his first big fishing trip. The pressure was on since they were only visiting for one day. Well, it was something to see. While fishing up river Ricardo jumped a nice tarpon first thing, and after a good fight boated his first big fish, an 85 lb. fighter. On the charter flight back to San Jose, Ricardo got to ride co-pilot with a young Costa Rican pilot who had fished here with his Dad several years ago. The pilot arranged a special surprise for Ricardo letting him fly the plane for about 20 minutes. Thanks to the charter company for a great ending to a perfect day for Ricardo. Gary Karbusky and his son Gary Jr. of Avondale AZ and Coco Spas, CO fished three days and jumped 18 tarpon. They brought 5 of the 18 ranging in weight from 80 to 120 lbs. They also caught Jack, and Machacas on light tackle to take a break from the fighting tarpon. Check out the photos of the fish Gary and Gary Jr. caught. Look at the gallery page. We continue to have a lot of sun, and very little rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 8, 2013
Anthony and Anne Marie Kaiser of Atlantic Highlands, NJ fished 3 days fly fishing. They jumped 2 tarpon bringing none to the boat, but learned why the tarpon is the king of light tackle game fish. Anthony got a taste of the good fight and says he'll be back in the fall after a proper rest, recovering from the battles. The wather has been hot and dry giving the air-conditioners a work out too. Very little rain fall this week, less than an inch. The ocrhids and other beautiful flowers are in full bloom.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 1, 2013
Bill Huntley of Englewood, FL. and Joseph Diaz of Plant City, FL took some time from their stay in San Jose to visit for a couple of days. They jumped 3 tarpon of which they brought 2 to the boat for release. They alsocaught 2 jacks and 3 mojarras. The Boone family of Alendale, SC visited for just one day, and saw tarpon, but jumped none. They alsosaw crocodiles, monkeys, and many types of beautiful birds... The skies were overcast with some rain this week, but blue skies ahead!!

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