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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending May 22, 2011
Many time repeat customer, Phil Hoover, 82 years young, from Naples Fl. fished 7 days and jumped 69 tarpon. Phil boated 30 of those tarpon weighing between 80 - 160 lbs. Phil also caught a nice triple tail. Dr. Gustavo Nero Mitsuushi from Brazil fished 4 days and jumped 46 tarpon. The doctor boated 23 tarpon, 2 barracuda, 2 jacks, 1 shark, and one 12 lb. snook! The weather continues to be beautiful, with clear blue skies.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 8, 2011
Yoshihito Urakami of Japan was able to make his long planned trip in spite of all the disaster his country is enduring. Yoshihito was fly fishing and jumped 17 tarpon of which he boated 7 in the 70 – 90 lb. range. Akira Matsui of El Paso, TX on a fast one day trip May 4th jumped 2 tarpon landing none. He arrived just one day too late for the big bite on May 3rd which was his original planned day of arrival. The weather has varied from sunny skies to overcast with light showers.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 1, 2011
Tim Emory of Gulf Breeze, FL visited the Lodge for 2 days. He jumped 1 tarpon, but did not get it to the boat. He did however, bring to the boat, 7 sharks, and 1 jack. Rio Colorado Lodge then hosted a group of 10 Russians that fished 6 days. They jumped 348 tarpon, and boated 97 weighing between 60 to 170 lbs. In addition they caught jacks, sharks, and barracuda! The weather was simply beautiful. The Best Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica.

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