Costa Rica
Fishing Report

Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending May 14, 2013
Miguel and Merna Fontes of Tucson, AZ on their first visit with us, jumped 19 tarpon 60 - 195 bls. They brought 13 of those to the boat for release. They also caught 2 jacks, 1 shart, and 2 small snook. Repeat guests Dr. Wally Lebrun & Aurura fishing deeper waters caught 3 wahoo, 1 tuna and 12 jacks. Johnny "Tom" Friesen of Atwater, CA jumped 56 tarpon between 50 - 190 lbs! He boated and released 18. In addition, he caught 10 jacks, and 1 triple tail. John Barker of Nashville TN came for a one day trip, and jumped 3 tarpon, he did not get the fish to the boat. Summer is still going strong. The ocean is flat most days, making it much easier for those with motion sickness! We are getting a little rain, mostly at night and early morning before sunrise. Days are bright and sunny with a nice breeze.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 7, 2013
Tarpon fishing is red hot!! James Hoffman of Miami Beach, FL came in for 1/2 day of fishing, and jumped 3 tarpon. He boated 1 tarpon about 95 lbs. and a nice jack. Arlindo & Gersino Tomasetto of Brazil fished 3 days, and jumped 22 tarpon. They brought 10 of those to the boat, ranging in weight from 80 - 180 lbs. They also caught a couple of jacks. M. Kostantin and V. Schmukler of Russia fished 4 days. They too jumped 22 tarpon, bringing 11 between 100 - 200 lbs to the boat, as well as 2 jacks, 2 sharks, and 1 barracuda! Giovani & Paulo Tomasetto of Brazil in 3 days jumped 17 tarpon between 100 - 180 lbs. They brought 10 of those to the boat. Repeat guest Philippe D'Have from Columbia with his brother Bernard from Belgium fished 3 1/2 days. They jumped 42 tarpon between 50 - 150 lbs, and brought 20 of them to the boat. Carlito Artmann fished with us for 4 days, and jumped 26 tarpon between 60 - 170 lbs. He brought 10 tarpon between 60 - 170 lbs to the boat, and also a jack. Vadim Magaev & Liubov Mackarenoko of Russia fished 2 1/2 days and jumped 13 tarpon between 80 - 190 lbs. They boated 10 of those tarpon, 4 jacks, and took a rest in the backwaters and caught a nice bluegill. The weather is full summer hot weather, with very little rain.

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