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Fishing Report Week Ending May 14, 2016
UPDATE, REVISION to report posted for week ending May 13, 2016. How could this have been missed?!?!? Tom/Johnny Friesen from Atwater, CA also brought to the boat a tarpon over 200 lbs. for release, and some of the other tarpon reported earlier were easily over 160 lbs. As mentioned in previous reports, the weather seems to be bringing the big tarpon in from the deeper waters, so you could be as fortunate as Johnny and hook into a big one. They are a blast to fight and watch jump out of the water trying to throw that hook. Hurry, Come NOW and give it a try!!

Fishing Report Week Ending May 13, 2016
Tom Friesen from Atwater, CA had a heck of a fishing trip. Tom jumped 31 tarpon between 75 - 160 lbs. Of those 31, he brought 19 tarpon to the boat for release. In addition, Tom caught 2 jacks, and 1 hammerhead shark! Way to go Tom!! Ron Oswald of Eden Prairie, MN came for a quick visit again, and jumped 7 tarpon between 100 - 200 lbs. Ron brought 3 of the tarpon to the boat for release. See you both again soon, we hope! Bring friends, the fishing is great!! The weather has been warm with brief showers, it seems the tarpon really are liking the weather and water temperature and big ones are coming in from the deeper water! Come fish with us!

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