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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 25, 2011
Dr. Michael Saylor and his wife Cheryl in 2 days jumped 14 tarpon. Cheryl caught a beautiful yellow-fin tuna which was prepared by the kitchen staff and enjoyed by all the guests at the Lodge. They also caught 2 Jack Crevelle. Woodward Davis of Starkville, MS came for a quick 2 day visit. He broke his 12 wt. fly rod, but managed to boat 3 nice tarpon of the 18 he jumped. One of the tarpon boated was estimated at 190 lbs. Phil Hoover of Naples, FL on his 69th trip to the Lodge jumped 42 tarpon and boated 12 of those from 70 to 160 lbs. Not bad for a 83 year young guy!! Vincent Aurentz, a retired Dallas Police officer had waited 30 years from when he received a video about the lodge before making his visit this week. Vince jumped 11 tarpon, boated 3 from 65 - 130 lbs. along with 3 Jack Crevelle and a nice tripple tail that was had for dinner!

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 18, 2011
We had a television host Johnny Hoffman, his cameraman Ezin Edward Bisson Filho, and 3 anglers Ricardo Columbo, Alexandre Cauduro and Luis Motta from Brazil visit to fish and capture on film! They fished 4 days, and between 3 anglers, they jumped over 130 tarpon!! They brought to the boat at least 15 tarpon, as well as 4 barracuda and 1 bonito. The tarpon ranged in weight from 65 - 180lbs. Host Johnny plans to make many return visits with more anglers!! Martin Livingstone from White City, OR came for 11 days. Martin planned to fish 5 of those 11 days, but the fishing was just so fantastic that he actually fished 8 days, and jumped 61 tarpon. He boated 15 and 1 barracude. His tarpon weighed from 65 - 150 lbs. Many repeat guest fished with Rio Colorado Lodge this week. One being Vance Faber of Glide, OR. Vance fished 3 days, jumping 11 tarpon and boating 3. Vance's guide estimated his largest tarpon at about 95 lbs. Rick Murphy on his second trip this year fly fishing for tarpon jumped 34. Rick boated 13 tarpon, 2 triple tails, 3 jacks, and 2 barracuda. Phil Hoover or Naples, FL and our customers with the most repeat visits to date, has so far jumped 23 tarpon and boated 10. But, Phil has 4 more days to fish, so who knows what his total will be!! And, Dr. Wally Lebrun and Aurora back this week caught 1 barracude, 2 jacks, 3 big eyed jacks, 3 tuna, 2 bonitos, and a wahoo. The weather remains beautiful, bright sunny skies, and calm oceans.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 11, 2011
Dr. Wally Lebrun and Aurora back again for 3 days, decided to fish for tuna. They caught 3 nice tuna, 1 bonito, and 2 barracudas. Repeat guests Brian Noreski & Gary Mellwig of Philadelphia, PA jumped 92, yes ninety-two, tarpon between 60 - 125 lbs. They boated 47 tarpon, 1 jack, and 3 barracuda. Father and Son, Ron & Travis Paulson, of Newport, OR. jumped 21 tarpon between 75 - 135 lbs. brought 5 to the boat, in addition to 2 barracuda. Luis & Rodelfo Siliano of Brazil jumped 16 tarpon btween 100 - 150 lbs. They boated 7 tarpon, 3 jacks, 5 machaca and 5 snook. Ron Oswald of Eden Prairie, MN jumped 9 tarpon weighing in between 90 - 165 lbs. He boated 3 tarpon2 jacks, 1 barracuda and 1 machaca. The tarpon fishing continues to be fantastic, as does the weather....we would just like to see a few more snook....Maybe next week!

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