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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Dec 29, 2013
Igor Stolina and Dmitrii Lidkovski fromjumped and boated 1 tarpon about 50 lbs. Egor and Zakharov also from Russia jumped and boated 3 tarpons between 70 and 130 lbs. And more anglers from Russia, Igor & Mayya Arbuzov, along with Dmtry Arbuzov jumped and boated 1 tarpon about 100 lbs. Asian guests Masahiro & Yoshiko Kobayashi jumped 3 nice tarpon, were not able to get them to the boat. This year has ended with beautiful weather, and lots of fish. Unfortunately the fish were not particularly hungry for anglers baits this week. None the less, everyone had a great time, enjoyed the company and the fantastic food.

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