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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Nov 25, 2012
Brian & Julia Saliba of Hattiesburg, MS are repeat guests that enjoy back water fishing. They caught 26 fat snook, 4 white drum, 1 guapote,4 tigerfish, 2 sargents, and 2 mojaras. The dinner table must have had fish for several nights along with all the other great food guests enjoy. Michael & Carol O'Connor of Palentine, IL, along with Arthur Rouse of Dekalb, IL jumped 4 tarpon about 120 lbs. the brought 1 tarpon to the boat. They also caught 2 fat snook, 1 jack, and 1 bluegill.

Fishing Report Week Ending Nov 18, 2012
Clarence Rosenow of Phoenix, AZ and Dan Bergeron of Luck, WI jumped 18 tarpon between 50 - 160 lbs. and boated 7 of those tarpon. John Kubiak of Albuquerque, NM and John Morgan of Prosper, TX jumped 2 tarpon in the 75lb range, they boated 1. Ken Gargett and Gary Farr of Australia with friend Robert Schlidt from the USA had a really slow catching event. They saw tarpon all around, almost jumping in the boat, but the fish did not seem to be hungry...we had several inches of rain, so tarpon were able to get to bait sites they could not usually enjoy, thus the slow bite for the anglers. The guys had a great time inspite of the slow bite, and plan to return next year. Gary Farr did catch some fat snook, and 1 white drum.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 28, 2012
Guest Dr. Luis Lopez from Portugal on his 4th visit with us, jumped 51 tarpon bringing 32 weighing from 100 - 200lbs to the boat. He also caught a real nice 31 lb.triple tail which we all enjoyed for dinner that evening. Dr. Jose Andrade also of Portugal jumped 21 tarpon and brought 6 to the boat. His tarpon ranged in weight from 85 to 175 lbs. He also caught a really nice 48 lb. cubera snapper! We are experience nice typical fall weather with flat seas, and tarpon rolling just outside the mouth of the river. Some rain mostly at night.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 21, 2012
The 3rd group from Brazil arrived this week, and fishing continued to be good. 15 anglers hooked 107 tarpon and brought 50 of those to the boat. The tarpon ranged in weight from 75 to 200 lbs. We were also honored to have as one of our guest this week the owner of Marine Sports, the largest tackle company in Brazil. Weather continues to go from overcast to sunny, with rain falling usually in the night and early morning.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 14, 2012
Brazilian TV star angler, Johnny Hoffman, hosted a second group this October. This group of 14 jumped 151 Tarpon, and brought 69 to the boat, one of which was 190lbs. Ken Wada of Japan jumped 12 Tarpon and brought 7 of those to the boat. He also caught a 48 lb. Cabera Snapper. The weather has been a mixed bag, sunny, overcast, rainy. Fortunately the majority of the rain has been during the nights.

Fishing Report Week Ending Oct 7, 2012
Rio Colorado Lodge hosted Johnny Hoffman and Kid Ocelos of Brazil's Fish TV. The host brough with him anglers Gilson Guermandi, Henrique Jungyeria, Maria Elena Maderia, Simmaco Arzillo, Pedro Duncan and Mauricio Ivama. We had some unexpected rain and cool weather, but in spite of being rained out one morning, the group jumped 56 Tarpon, and of those brought to the boat an impressive 26. Fish ranged in size from 40 - 160 lbs. We had a little over 5 inches, but again thankfully, most fell at night.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 30, 2012
Repeat customers Brian Noreski and Gary Mellwig of Philadelphia fished with us for 8 days. In those 8 days, they jumped 56 Tarpon from 70 - 200lbs, and of those 56 jumped, they brought 25 to the boat. They also caught a nice Jack Crevelle. We're experiencing overcast skies with some rain, but the rain now is mostly at night.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 23, 2012
Gil Plummer & Greg Whalen of Southberry, CT along with Robert Kane of Houston, TX jumped 13 tarpon weighing between 80 - 100 lbs. At one point they had a triple hook up....really exciting! They brought 3 tarpon to the boat. Newcomer Howard Stringert of Colorado Springs, CO jumped 6 tarpon fly fishing, the tarpon were between 50 - 100 lbs. Repeat guest Phil Hoover of Naples, FL jumped 24 tarpon and brought 11 to the boat, plus 1 barracuda...for an 80+ year young guy, he says this was one of his best and most exhausting fishing trips!! Phil's tarpon ranged in weight 35 - 200 lbs.... Another repeat guest Rick Murphy of Colorado Springs, CO returned with another newcomer Tony Lau of Regina, Sask, Canada. The 2 fly fishing jumped 16 tarpon between 70 - 125 lbs. They brought 3 tarpon to the boat, along with a stingray! Another frequent guest Jim Croner did some fly fishing, and jumped 8 tarpon, boating 1. After a couple of weeks of unusual weather with quick storms, the weather has returned to typical September weather, sunny days, flat ocean and lots of schooling tarpon

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 15, 2012
A nice group of 10 anglers from Georgia and Pennsylvania visited us. During their visit we experienced more rain than normal for September, so they actually fished about 1 1/2 days. In that time they jumped 15 tarpon between 80 - 140 lbs. Additionally they caught 2 really nice snapper 20 & 35 lbs. So fish for dinner!! As previously mentioned we have experienced more rain than normal for September as it is usually a fantastic weather and fishing month. Hopefully we are getting back in our good weather pattern because the fishing is good.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 8, 2012
Dr. Wally LeBrun, a frequent guest of the Lodge, decided to do some tuna fishing. Unfortunately no success this trip, so no sushi! Another repeat guest, Ron Oswald, fished 2 days and jumped 18 tarpon, he boated 2 of those tarpon!

Fishing Report Week Ending Aug 12, 2012
Andy Lopreato from Indian Harbor Beach, FL fished alone for 3 days and jumped 21 tarpon between 100 - 130 lbs. He boated 3 tarpon and 15 jacks....all in all not a bad 3 daysl Ronald Murphy from Houston, and Greg Fox of Conroe TX fished for a day and a half and jumped 4 tarpon again in the 100 - 130 lb. range. They caught 3 jacks. Robert Moriarty of Sebastian FL. fished 2 days and jumped 15 tarpon in the 60 - 80 lb range.Robert brought 4 to the boat. Scott Lee of Caton,TX fished a day and a half and jumped 5 tarpon boating 4 of those. Great job Scott.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jul 15, 2012
We took the opportunity of a hot month for staff to take vacations, and then come back and spruce up the lodge and the boats....upkeep is essential, and we hope you all enjoy your next visit.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 30, 2012
Repeat guests Brian Saliba and Julia, along with Gil Foreman of Mississippi fished a couple of days. Brian and Julia like to backwater fish, and enjoyed catching 21 tiger fish and 4 Mojarras. They also did some tarpon fishing with Gil where they jumped 8 and brought 3 to the boat. They also caught a nice jack. Ray and Jason Waddell jumped 6 tarpon, one said to be about 200 lbs. They managed to get one to the boat and with a nice king mackeral.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 16, 2012
Rob Gagnon of Lake Oswego, OR. and Bruce Bosch of Vancouver, WA fished a couple of days together and jumped 2 tarpon, boating both of those. They spent one day fishing strictly for snook, no luck. Then Bruce fished a couple more days by himself and jumped 5 more tarpon of which he boated 2 of those. A few more rain showers with overcast skies during parts of the days makes for cooler fishing conditions.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 9, 2012
Repeat guest Eugene O'Connor of Palatka, FL.and his buddy Bob Read came fishing primarily for snook. They ended up jumping 7 tarpon of which they brought 4 to the boat. The snook fishing wasn't as good as they had hoped, but they had time to catch 8 nice snook inbetween fighting tarpon and 7 jacks. They also caught machaca and white fish. Maria & Dillan Martinez of Alajuela,CR in 3 1/2 days jumped 19 tarpon of which they boated 4. They also caught 6 jacks and 8 mojarras. The weather is just hot. The fishing still fun, fun, fun!

Fishing Report Week Ending Jun 2, 2012
Ivanor Dmitry from Russia,fishing alone at Rio Colorado Lodge jumped 14 tarpon between 50 - 150 lbs. He brought 6 of those tarpon to the boat, and 1 jack crevelle. Milton and Marcelon Cardille from Brazil jumped 23 tarpon between 80 - 120 lbs. They brought 8 to the boat, and also caught 2 jack crevelle. On one day of their fishing, the 2 along with their fishing guide all hooked tarpon at the same time for a triple hook up. All 3 boated their tarpon! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Fishing Report Week Ending May 26, 2012
Tarpon fishing is red hot! Dr. Juan Ordonez of Oakland, CA and friend Oscaldo Miyake of San Paulo Brazil jumped 49 tarpon between 60 and 140 lbs. they brought 18 of these tarpon to the boat! In addition, they caught 2 bonitos, 4 jacks, and 2 tigerfish!

Fishing Report Week Ending May 19, 2012
Repeat guest Dr. Wally Leburn fished a couple of days and boated 6 jack crevelle and 1 bonita. Mari Ann & Lewis Scherer of Mountain Home, TX on their first time visit to Costa Rica fished 4 ays, Mari Ann was the Champion!! They jumped 15 tarpon and boated 4, as well as a jack crevelle! Weather continues to be summer with very little rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 12, 2012
We had Johnny Hoffman and guest from Brazil fishing and filming. They jumped 42 tarpon and brought 14 to the boat. In addition, they caught several jack crevelle. These fish were caught top water fly fishing, as well as trolling and jigging. The weather is warm summer time, very little rain.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 22, 2012
Tarpon fishing started off a little slow, but as the week progressed, so did the fishing! Mike & Jim Buras from Metaire and Mandeville, LA jumped 4 tarpon and brought 2 to the boat. Ralph Grisham of Fairhope,AL jumped 14 tarpon, brought 4 to the boat, and he caught 1 jack crevelle. Steve Carr, Jeff Neiseanger and Charlie Bowers of Idaho Falls, ID jumped 14 tarpon of which they boated 2. They also caught tiger fish and machacas "al Fly".

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 8, 2012
Dr. Wally LeBrun and Aurora, on a return visit fished for 3 days. They jumped 3 tarpon, bringing 2 to the boat. And, they caught 8 jack crevelle. Bryan "Mitch" Mitchell on his first visit from Oakland Park, FL also fished 3 days. Mitch jumped 10 tarpon and brought 1 to the boat. Tarpon sizes varying from 50 - 120 lbs. It is summer weather, with beautiful sunsets.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 25, 2012
New guest to Rio Colorado Lodge, Brad Brown and Tim Hemphill of Springville, and Salt Lake City, UT. fished 2 days and jumped 11 tarpon. They brought 3 of the 11 to the boat, and caught 1 jack as well. Riley and Alex Rezka jumped 15 tarpon in 2 days, bring 5 to the boat. They also caught 2 jacks. Jesse and Randy Rezka jumped 8 tarpon and brought 1 to the boat as well as catching 6 jacks. The weather has been just "the best".

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 18, 2012
Russell & Daniel Hudgens of Mobile, AL, on their first visit to Rio Colorado Lodge, jumped 8 tarpon. They brought 1 tarpon to the boat, and caught jack fish. Brian & Julia Saliba of Hattiesburg, MS and San Jose, went backwater fishing. They caught a variety of fish, sargents, viejitos, mudfish, mojarras, guapotes, fat snook, pinto and tigerfish. Steve Singer & Ted Swenson jumped 1 tarpon and brought it to the boat. They also caught jack fish. Mike Strand and Steve Rakieten also jumped 1 tarpon, but did not get it to the boat. They too caught jack fish. The water rolls with tarpon, but they were not too interested in taking the baits for a couple of days... The skies a bit overcast this week.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 4, 2012
First time guest Paul Canavari spent 3 days at the Lodge. Rain slowed things down for a short time, but Paul jumped 2 nice tarpon and brought 1 about 120lbs. to the boat. Repeat guest Ed Schrock along with others from Nebraska had a nice return visit. Ed and his co angler Mike Benzing jumped 8 tarpon and boated 5. They also caught Jack fish. Thomas Schrock and Louis Titus with the Nebraska group jumped 13 tarpon and boated 2. Michael Just and Ted Schrock jumped 10 tarpon and boated 3. They too caught jack fish. The weather has been hot with morning showers, and afternoon sun.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 26, 2012
Repeat guest Bruce Bosch and Rob Gagnon of Vancouver, WA came to do some fly fishing and were fairly successful jumping 9 and boating 3 nice tarpon ranging from 100 - 160 lbs. Many time visiting angler Tim Don Levy of Indiana fished one afternoon and jumped one nice tarpon. The weather continues to be very summertime like with beautiful yellow, orange and red sunsets.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 19, 2012
A nice group from Brazil visited for the week with Johnny Hoffman, famous television fishing show host. Basilio Timofiecsyk and Anselmo Antonio Fedalto jumped 18 tarpon. They boated 2 tarpon and 6 jack crevelle. Neander Periera and Adilson Oliveria Novak jumped 9 and boated 2 tarpon and 1 jack. Naiquel Bittencourt and Everton diehl jumped 7 tarpon and boated 2 as well as 1 jack. Others just came to check out the place and enjoy the ambiance! The weather has been just great.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 6, 2012
The tarpon fishing continues to be good and steady. Last week brothers John and Don McCarthy (John of Salt Lake City, UT) fished at the Rio Colorado Lodge for 3 1/2 days. The first day was a slow fishing day, but then things lit up, and they hooked 19 tarpon. They also caught 2 Jack Crevelle, 1 Barracuda, and 1 Snook. The weather continues to be pleasant, sunny with an occasional shower to cool things down.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 18, 2012
To date this month, fishing has been decent. Goran Klementsson of Sweden fished with us for 5 days from January 8 - 13. He jumped 20 tarpon, boating 6 ranging from 100 to 170 lbs. He caught 65 Jack Crevelle, and one nice 40 lb. Cubera Snapper. Hendrick and Henry Swanepoel from South Africa fished one day and jumped 6 tarpon, boating 1 that weighed over 120 lbs. They also caught 6 Jack Crevelle. Kent Henderson of MinneMucca, NJ in one day jumped and boated one 140 lb. tarpon and caught 6 Jack Crevelle. Bob and Joyce Wachsmuth of Eau Claire, WI fished 2 1/2 days and jumped 21 tarpon, boating a nice 150 pounder. They also caught Jack Crevelle and 1 Barracuda. Tim & Heather LeRoy of Australia fished 3 days and jumped 19 tarpon, boating one that weighed 120 lbs. They too caught Jack Crevelles. The weather has been sunny with a few brief showers.

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