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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 14, 2018
Now to follow up on the last report with the crazy double hook up of one tarpon on lures of 2 separate anglers. Repeat guest Martin Livingston, a South African angler who now lives in the US, returned for a second tarpon fishing visit and brought along his fishing friend Raymond Schneider from South Africa, for an 8 day fishing trip. These guys were a pleasure to have at Rio Colorado Lodge. First of all, Martin is a master photographer and came equipped with serious camer/video gear. He also custom built all of his fishing rods, which all held up well. Raymond from South Africa brought along a three piece rod that was about the size of a spaghetti noodle that I was sure would be destroyed. Boy was I wrong. This amazing rod brought in monsters and survived the trip with flying colors. Their trip total was 35 tarpon jumped and 16 brought to the boat for release. They fished outside on mostly flat seas. The guys did the homeland proud sampling our Imperial beer, toasting their success at hand to hand combat with monster tarpon, some in the 175 pound class. We ran through the entire 7 day menu and repeated some favorites like the coconut cheese pie! Raymond was great company after hours. He is an excellent stand up comedian and has perfect imitations of various languages from all over the world, including the bush. He kept us all in tears of laughter. The guys had our first ever double hook up one fish and 2 anglers with a bait well hooked it it's mouth and boated it in record. The funny part is how long it took them to figure out they were fighting the SAME FISH!! Just to spice up the trip, Martin did a masterful job hooking himself with a triple strength treble hook in the finger almost all the way through. This gave me a chance to perform my favorite hook removal surgery with the old fishing line trick. After a shot of deadner (is there such a work), and a couple of shots of beer for Dr. Dan for a steady hand, we successfully removed the hook with the ready on four, but yank on two trick. We hope to post the video on the Facebook page soon for you all to see, along with some other amazing pictures. The guys are planning a repeat for next fall, and we can't wait to have them back.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 12, 2018
Barry Friedman from Arizona came on a father son trip with his son Jared Friedman. Barry said he was coming for the bacon (we're world renowned for our great meals) and Jared was coming for the tarpon (we release). Both guys had a big tarpon on their bucket list. After a first day when 1 tarpon was jumped and a big machete fish was boated things got better and better each day. Barry got fried in the sun early on but stayed after it. Big schools eating bait were fussy eaters, but the guys managed to jump 13 on the trip, 7 on the last day, and boated 5 total. Jared beat Dad with a 175 pounder, but Dad hung in real well for a sunburned 70+, who looked 50 and his biggest was 140 lbs. We have our South African dynamic duo here for an 8 day fishing trip now, and we'll get a full report after their last day of fishing. They have already done the impossible and had a double hook up, not on fish but on fishermen, a hooked tarpon in the fight took a break to bite a second bait, and the guys both were in the battle with a tarpon but in the end, it was the same fish with 2 rapala baits in it's mouth!! One for each rod/angler!! Beer was involved in this incident. More later with our next report. We STILL HAVE SPACE for the fall season so give us a call and come on down soon.

SAD NEWS Sep 12, 2018
We are sorry to report the unexpected death of our Noel Hodgson who our regulars know is the brother of our guide Wendel Hodgson and the son of Wilson Hodgson who worked for us until he was 93. Noel was our mechanic and all of us here at Rio Colorado are still in shock and miss him. We have his family in our prayers and hope that you will too. Many of you regulars know that Wendy is the captain on our jungle adventure tour boat and is a favorite with everyone. Noel will be forever missed.

Fishing Report Week Ending Sep 9, 2018
We welcomed back Ron Oswald and his fishing partner Gary Fielding. These guys have been here over 30 times and partnered up to come back twice a year together after meeting here in the bar on a previous trip some years ago. The come twice a year, once in May, and again in September. Gary boated a 170 lb. monster tarpon. The guys jumped 7 total fishing outside on the ocean each day. Ron insists that outside fishing is the only way to go for him. This year we have had so much bait action outside with the shrimp and machete fish and sardines everywhere that the large schools of tarpon we are seeing all over as normal are being a bit picky on biting rubber baits. The fish are here and all of our regulars are seeing the benefits of catch and release fishing as our averages sizes continue to get bigger. We are seeing many, many more big monster tarpon in the 160 to 225 lb. range than ever before. We very seldom see tarpon under 75 lbs. and our average weight is 120 lbs. these days for sure.

Fishing Report Week Ending Aug 27, 2018
Shinya Maeda fishing with us from Japan, jumped 4 tarpon and boated a 120 lb one on his personal light tackle. After getting enough heavy action he decided to go up in the lagoons to see the amazing wildlife and fish for other species. He boated a beautiful mangrove snapper and some colorful mojarra which is a species that looks like many of the bream and sun fish species in the US. He enjoyed the wildlife birds and crocodiles and left to go trout fishing in some inland rivers and to see more animals. On his last day at Rio Colorado Lodge, he said he wished he had booked more than 3 days with us and that he would be back again! We had quite a bit of rain on the second day of his visit which is not normal in this month, but his trip remained a success!

Fishing Report Week Ending May 20, 2018
Christopher Day and his son George, from LaPorte, IL came for a quick two day week-end with the hopes of catching one nice tarpon. They jumped a total of 6 tarpon, and brought 4 to the boat for release, which is an amazing average ratio of hooked and lost to hooked and released! George attends school in Costa so we look forward to many more visits from he and his Dad. Christopher boated a 125 lb. tarpon and George boated a 120 pounder. They were fishing in the river mouth and just outside the mouth with rapallas, coast hawks and circle-hooks with dead bait.

Fishing Report Week Ending May 7, 2018
Our fishing report site was hacked and some of the fishing reports posted have been lost. Hopefully we can relocate that information and repost. But if you were a guest during the time period of January 2018 through now, please feel free to update me with your recollection of your visit and hopefully numbers of fish hooked and brought to the boat, etc. 800 243-9777.

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 15, 2018
Juan Camilo Beltran Dominguez came to us from Columbia and had a great fishing experience. In 4 days Juan jumped 24 tarpon and brought 5 to the boat for release. The largest of Juan's catch was 140 lbs. The fish continue to roll by, so you should jump at the chance to come really soon before we start getting really hot summer days for about a month!

Fishing Report Week Ending Apr 11, 2018
Jason Korenich and his father Robert Korenich from Kansas visited us for a 3 day fishing trip. Robert had a VHS he picked up at a fishing/sport show YEARS ago, and had a Robert can not cross one more thing on his bucket list, but hopefully he will add another trip to Rio Colorado Lodge for another great fishing experience!

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 30, 2018
Lester "Bill" Liebelt and his friend Karen Byers visited us in March. Lester wanted to catch tarpon. Unfortunately the tarpon gods where not smiling on Lester too much, but they did catch fish, and finally Lester hooked the elusive tarpon and brought it to the boat for release. You can view a picture of Lester's tarpon on our FACEBOOK page.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 27, 2018
The Calba (fat snook) are still in the area, but slowing up a bit. Repeat customer Carey McPhee of Virginia Beach, VA came to fish with us again, and brought his friend Bruce Edmonds of Hampton, VA. We had some high water and rain on and off, but they were successful in catching 5 fat snook which made for a fine fish dinner, especially when we added to nine lobsters the guys scored while fishing. Ceviche as an appetizer, just added to a really fine meal. Bruce and Carey fished hard, rain or shine, and were rewarded by the fish gods the last afternoon whey they hooked 8 tarpon in the river mouth and had a DOUBLE HOOK UP with all of the excitement that creates. Bruce brought his 120 pounder to the boat for release, Carey's tarpon spit the hook so he became the photographer for this epic battle. The guys told us they would see us next year and we are looking forward to the return visit. Look for some of their photos we hope to post on our FACEBOOK page.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 16, 2018
The cold front that put the snow in Florida gave us some high winds and some hard rains and it got very cool for here for sure. We had Victor Rodriguez and Anita Henry from Lakeland FL with us fishing hard for three days.. Victor had a trip here on his bucket list since he got one of our vhs tapes at an outdoor show some years back. Fishing was hard with sunny moments interrupted with hard showers. Their experienced guide put Victor in the right place at the right time and he boated a 95 pound tarpon. He also caught a nice Jack Crevelle that was running with the tarpon coming into the river. Anita missed her shot but managed to get a nice Jack to the boat.

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