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Costa Rica Fishing Reports from Rio Colorado Lodge

Fishing Report Week Ending May 18, 2019
Ron Roswald from Eden Prairie, MN and Gary Fielding of Idaho Falls, ID jumped and fought 11 tarpon boating 2 on the first of the 2 days of their fishing trip. They also boated 2 jack crevalles. Ron has fished Rio Colorado Lodge for 19 years coming twice a year, once in May and again in September. Gary met him here and they have been returning together since that meeting. After a couple of weeks of high winds and seas preventing off shore fishing, Ron showed up to break the slow spell. Ron boated a monster 200 pound plus tarpon. Last year we broke our record 3 times and if we could have weighed this one, it might have been another record breaker. Photos are on our Facebook site, so check them out. April and early May have been most unusual for us. we are having an el nino this year and we were forecast to have normal rain, but in fact, it has been very hot and dry with most showers in the night. We have experienced conditions none of the locals can remember from past years. Two of the river outlets to the sea, Agua Dulce and Samai Lagoon have both totally closed off to the sea. The main river mouth has a new built up sand bar that is closing about 80 %. This is causing all of the migrating tarpon coming in to go up river through that narrow inlet. Sometimes you can hit them with your rod tip!! They have not been as expected this time of the year, but turned on for Ron and Gary. We still have space available this month and June. There are some amazing intl. air prices to Costa Rica right now, so come on down and wet a hook. The bite is back on!!

Fishing Report Week Ending May 10, 2019
Steven King and Rory Rehbeck visited for a few days. Their luck with boating a tarpon wasn't very good. They were able to jump a couple, but not able to get them to the boat. Similar results were happening with other boats around. Tarpon there, just not hungry! They were however very lucky boating a nice red snapper coming in at over 8 lbs. and several calva of really decent size. It is late in the season for Calva, but what a delight for the dinner table. I have not received fishing reports for April and other dates in May, but there are some that hopefully will be posted, fish are being caught. Come see us soon.

Fishing Report Week Ending Mar 5, 2019
Johnny Fanguy of Louisiana, made a quick last minute visit to Rio Colorado Lodge. He jumped 21 tarpon and brought 5 to the boat for release, the largest weight estimated at 110 lbs.

Fishing Report Week Ending Feb 16, 2019
Todd Hitchens of Littleton, CO came to Rio Colorado Lodge on his bucket trip tarpon adventure. Todd fished 2 days with us. He jumped 7 tarpon, bringing 3 to the boat for release. His biggest tarpon was 115 pounds. All the fishing was done anchored inside the breakers at the river mouth. Spinning gear and super shadwraps were the order of the day. Todd had no hits on the fly rod. But, the big surprise was that one of the tarpon ran under the anchor rope early in the battle and when the rod was passed under the rope to free the fish for the fight, he decided to commit suicide by jumping in the boat, clean into the bow. The guide got hit in the leg and one fly rod in the holder got slight damage to the cork handle and one Abu 7000 reel in the holder got the handle bent badly. Todd on the other hand safely in the back of the boat behind the console was spell bound about his close call. The unlucky fish was taken to the village and donated to hungry poor folks and after a 30 minute soap and water wash down the fishing continued. Todd returned safely home with his catch certificates and some amazing tales to tell about his up close and personal experience with the mighty tarpon. We strive for catch and safe release, but when these things happen the happy ending is the fish goes to the needy. It has been over 10 years since we had a similar incident with Robin and Patty Hoover of Naples, Fl in the same boat with the same captain at the helm. This time he stayed in the boat to deal with the flopping fish, but in the event 10 + years ago, the guide jumped out as the fish flew in to the helm position and then did major damage to the brand new boat on its maiden voyage! SPECIAL NOTICE TO OUR REGULAR AND POTENTIAL ANGLERS ABOUT PRICE INCREASES JULY 1 BECAUSE OF NEW TAX ON TOURISM. After many years, the Costa Rican government in order to deal with their excess spending has decided to change to a VAL tax structure instead of a sales tax. Tourism and tours such as charter boats were exempt from the tax, but EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2019 all tours will have a 13% tax imposed. This will unfortunately increase the cost of fishing and other tours. So if you have been planning a return trip to fish with us, or putting off your first tarpon trip, this is the perfect time to book and take your trip prior to July 1, 2019. We have spae available for the moment so come on down sooner than later and take advantage of the last opportunity for a TAX free cheaper trip. This tax has long been on the table for discussion, but unfortunately for all of us, the time has come.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 27, 2019
Many time repeat guest Rick Murphy from Colorado Springs, an Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide who ties many of our tarpon flies was here on his 13th annual trip fishing 4 days to try out his new shoulder. Rick caught a 25 lb. Jack Crevelle on his fly rod along with some calva (fat snook) for the table, but really showed his how to fish for tarpon! Fishing the river mouth, Ricks trip total was 30 tarpon hooked, jumped, and 5 brought to the boat for release. His shoulder held up well!!Rick had several hooks that were straightened out and a couple that broke on new types he was checking out. He was also spooled a time or two by big tarpon that just did not want to be brought to the boat. The fishing was combo fly and some rapalas on Abu 7000 bait casters.

Fishing Report Week Ending Jan 19, 2019
The calva (fat snook) bite continues and tarpon fishing was in the river mouth with super Shadraps and CD 14 sinkers. Bryan and Julia Saliba from Hattiesburg, MS and are 26 year repeat customers fished 3 days all bck water fishing and had a solid trip. Day 1 they boated 22 Guapote, also known as the tiger fish on spinner bait casting in the back water lagoons. Day 2 they caught a nice 6 kilo common snook and 9 nice size fat snook, locally known as the Calva. Day 3 they caught 50 plus Mojarra and Guapote. Carey McPhee, head chef from Waterman's Seafood restaurant, Virginia Beach, VA on his 4th return January trip to chill out after a busy holiday cooking season fished 3 days and jumped 6 nice tarpon, bringing 2 to the boat for release. Carey flew in to Tortuguero and then boated in by the canal to fish for Snook in route and hooked 6 coming in. Carey was joined by Ralph Grisham on the boat ride in. Ralph, a long time friend of Rio Colorado Lodge came just to hang out for a few days. Mr. & Mrs. Ray Waddell from San Jose, Costa Rica fished with us three days for back water speices and brought in 15 tiger fish and a nice calva. Ray fished the river mouth half a day and jumped 3 tarpon, bringing one nice size one to the boat for release.

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